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ROHO/MOXI Prodigy Mattress Overlay

ROHO/MOXI Prodigy Mattress Overlay

ROHO/MOXI Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay System

ROHO/MOXI Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay System

ROHO/MOXI SOFFLEX 2 Mattress Overlay

  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
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The ROHO SOFFLEX 2 Mattress Overlay is a non-powered, airfilled, adjustable, zoned, reactive, full support surface that is intended to conform to an individual’s shape to provide skin/soft tissue and deep tissue injury protection and an environment to facilitate wound healing. The SOFFLEX 2 Mattress Overlay provides individualized pressure, shear and friction management through force redistribution to an individual’s shape.

Flexible, interconnected air cells can be adjusted to match the individual’s body contours, providing individualized therapy and critical skin protection. The SOFFLEX 2 has three sections for an individualized fit. Each of the three sections easily snap together to form a complete mattress overlay and can be adjusted per section to address the specific needs of the individual’s body shape and size.

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Weight6.5 lbs.
Weight Capacity330 lbs.
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