Varilite ICON Back System

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  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Back Height: 7"; 8"; 9"; 10"; 11"; 12"; 13"; 14"; 15"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 19"; 20"; 22"; 24"
  • Back Width: 12"; 14"; 15"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 20"
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs.
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Back Height 7"; 8"; 9"; 10"; 11"; 12"; 13"; 14"; 15"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 19"; 20"; 22"; 24"
Back Width 12"; 14"; 15"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 20"
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Weight 3.4 lbs.

The Icon Back System with air-foam flotation from Varilite is available in three different styles and a multitude of back width and height combinations. It features easy to install hardware, requiring just two parts to be attached to the wheelchair, and symmetrical hardware which allows for a wide range of seat depth adjustments. The Icon also has a machine washable, breathable fabric cover, and the safety latches open outward to prevent unintentional activation from backpacks or other items.

The Icon is available in low, mid and tall back styles. The low provides full upper body range of motion and is great for the active user with good trunk control. The shell curves on the sides for mild lateral support. The mid back is a more supportive option and provides support and positioning for trunk control and decreases user fatigue. The top of it hits just below the scapula to allow for full range of your arms. The tall back provides moderate to maximum support all the way up the back to the top of the shoulders. It has a curved shell for moderate back support.

Designed for users on the go, the Icon Back System has an easy-to-operate hardware system that can be removed with one hand. Simply open the latches and slide the back out of the hardware. The latches will stay open until the back is removed. The Icon is made from dual-stiffness foam and has a two-way air valve control for a custom fit. The back has firmer sculpted foam along the sides of the trunk and softer foam along the sensitive areas of the spine. The multi-stiffness foam is thickest along the vertebrae column. This back can accommodate virtually every user, just choose your back width, height and style. It is very easy to attach and has angle, depth, width and height adjustment capabilities.


  • Product weight starts at just 3.4 lbs. for the low style
  • Up to 20º of back angle adjustability
  • Available in low, mid and tall back styles
  • New Varilock hardware makes for easy removal and insertion
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