Comfort Company Support Pro 7 Series Cushion

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  • Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Cushion Height: 3.5"
  • Cushion Width: 22"; 24"; 26"; 28"; 30"
  • Cushion Depth: 18"; 20"
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Cushion Height 3.5"
Cushion Width 22"; 24"; 26"; 28"; 30"
Cushion Depth 18"; 20"
Weight Capacity 750 lbs.
Weight 5 lbs.
Your Risk of Skin Breakdown Low
Cushion Cover Type Incontinence, Standard
Positioning Properties No

With two layers of high resiliency foam construction, the Support Pro 7 Series Bariatric Cushions from the Comfort Company provide unparalleled comfort and positioning support. Boasting a generous 750 pound weight capacity accommodation, this non-contoured wheelchair seating solution helps bariatric users to prevent pressure ulcers and sores. Many different sizes are available to customize the cushion to the individual user’s specifications. A Kwik Strap® hook and loop closure attaches the cushion securely to vertical wheelchair canes.


  • Non-contoured, waterfall front - Specifically designed with a non-contoured surface to make transfers easier, this cushion also features a waterfall front, eliminating leg trough pressure points.
  • Coccyx relief - Unloading bony prominences to prevent pressure ulcers, the coccyx relief cut-out additionally helps to relieve pressure from the tailbone and spine.
  • Durable design, bariatric capacity - Constructed with two layers of high resiliency foam, this cushion is specifically configured to hold up to 750 pounds on a daily basis, while still maintaining its integrity.
  • With/without Quadragel pack - The cushion can be purchased with or without the Quadra3D Gel packs, which further help to redistribute pressure and weight while regulating body temperature as well.
  • Protective cover - This cushion is protected with a soft Solace fabric cover, an antimicrobial and fluid-resistant multidimensional-stretch material that helps to maintain skin integrity and alleviate bony prominence pressure.
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