Pediatric Mask Drive Medical Disposable Nebulizer Kit (Set of 3)

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  • Application: Nebulizer Kit
  • Tubing Size: 7 Inch
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HCPCS A7003-1, A7003
Product Dimensions 7" tube
Package Medication cup, T-adapter, 7' tubing, mouthpiece and reservoir tube
UPC/EAN 50822383116506

The Neb Kit from Drive comes with the main components that make up a nebulizer treatment. This kit outputs aerosolized with 80% of particles within the respirable range to give you a very effective treatment. Included with this kit is the reservoir tube that improves your treatment by preventing the medication from escaping into the outside air.


  • For Use with Spider Nebulizer
  • Includes Medication Cup
  • 7 Inch Tubing
  • It's compatible with all portable and home use compressors, offering fast nebulization times with greater particle density
  • Provides 80% of particles in respirable range
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