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Pride Mobility Lap Belt

Pride Mobility Lap Belt 60"

Pride Mobility Rear Basket

Pride Mobility Rear Basket (For Power Wheelchairs)

Pride Mobility Saddle Bag

  • Perfect for carrying smaller items
  • Available in Small (9.5" Wide x 5.25" High x 5" Deep) and Large (11.75" Wide x 8" High x 7" Deep) Sizes
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DWR1020D010; DWR1020D016
This saddle bag can be mounted on either the right or left arm of your Pride scooter. It is perfect for a phone, keys and anything else you may keep in your pockets. The saddle bag can be used on all Pride scooters including the Go-Go, Revo, Victory.
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SKUDWR1020D010; DWR1020D016
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