Drive Medical Quad-Support Cane Tip

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The Quad Support Cane Tip by Drive Medical provides balance and stability when in use with any cane that it will fit. It also allows the cane to be self standing which makes it convenient when you are resting or taking a break from walking without having to own a large, bulky quad base cane. The Quad Support Cane Tip's four tier design allows for better traction to reduce slipping and increase safety. The unit was designed to be used for tubing sizes that are .75" and will fit most manufacturer's canes.


  • Allows cane to stand on its own
  • Fits most manufacturer's canes
  • For use with 3/4" tubing
  • Four tier design allows for better traction
  • Provides balance, stability and makes your cane self-standing
  • Replaces existing cane tip
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