Varilite ProForm NX Cushion

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  • Weight Capacity: 650 lbs.
  • Cushion Height: 4.5"
  • Cushion Width: 12"; 14"; 16"; 18"; 20"
  • Cushion Depth: 14"; 16"; 18"; 20"
More Information
Cushion Height 4.5"
Cushion Width 12"; 14"; 16"; 18"; 20"
Cushion Depth 14" 16" 18" 20"
Weight Capacity 650 lbs.
Weight 3 lbs.
Your Risk of Skin Breakdown High
Cushion Cover Type Incontinence, Standard
Positioning Properties Yes

Comprised of both foam and air, the Varilite ProForm NX™ cushion utilizes adjustable cells for contouring with the use of either a single or dual air chamber. These adjustable air cells improve posture control and isolate high pressure points. The ProForm NX™ is fit by adjusting the volume of air and/or modifying the contour base, wedge or thigh cushion with a blade or electric knife.

The ProForm NX™ is available with either single or dual air chambers to accommodate different positioning and postural needs. The single chamber is great for symmetrical positioning and provides great pressure relief while the dual chamber is recommended for asymmetrical positioning, pelvic obliquities, increasing stability and pressure relief. The air chambers inflate with the use of a two-way valve that fills the cushion when opened and when the desired amount of immersion is reached the valve can be closed and no pumps are needed.

Because this cushion has a foam contoured base, thigh cushion and wedge it is possible to cut these components to fit the positioning and postural needs of the user. The base can be modified for drop-base seats, leg-length discrepancies and relief of hot spots and the thigh cushion and wedge should be modified to match the changes that are made to the contoured base.


  • Modifiable foam base, thigh cushion and wedge
  • Deep ischial pan for better positioning and air chambers relieve pressure
  • Available in 15 sizes
  • Choice of standard mesh cushion cover or incontinence cover
  • Score lines on the bottom of the thigh cushion and contoured base for easy adjustments
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