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Supracor Stimulite Slimline

Supracor Stimulite Slimline

Comfort Company Adjuster Cushion with Vicair

Comfort Company Adjuster Cushion with Vicair

Varilite Evolution Cushion

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Cushion Height: 4"
  • Cushion Width: 12"; 14"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 20"
  • Cushion Depth: 14"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 20"
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The VARILITE Evolution is the cushion of choice for wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs. Therapists recommend the Evolution for individuals with motor and neurological dysfunction due to spinal-cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury. Therapists value the Evolution’s outstanding pressure distribution and postural support. Users and caregivers value its low weight, comfort, and ease of use. No pumps or accessories. No kneading or manipulation. Superior pressure distribution, positioning stability, comfort and simplicity have made the Evolution our most popular wheelchair cushion. By adding VARILITE’s innovative PSV (Pressure Setting Valve) we’ve made the Evolution PSV even better, taking the guesswork out of cushion adjustment.

More Information
Cushion Height4"
Cushion Width12"; 14"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 20"
Cushion Depth14"; 16"; 17"; 18"; 20"
Weight Capacity500 lbs.
Weight2 lbs.
Your Risk of Skin BreakdownHigh
Cushion Cover TypeIncontinence, Standard
Positioning PropertiesYes
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