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Comfort Company Acta-Back

Comfort Company Acta-Back

Varilite ICON Back System

Varilite ICON Back System

ROHO Agility Minimum Contour Back

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Back Height: 10"; 13"; 16"; 18"
  • Back Width: 14"; 16"; 18"; 20"
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
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The AGILITY Minimum Contour Back System is recommended for individuals who need basic postural support and minimal trunk support, and is ideal for those who want to limit additional weight in their mobility systems. With just a single clamp on either side, the AGILITY CARBON’s integrated hardware maintains a clean appearance while remaining smaller, lighter and stronger-than-typical fixed back hardware. The angular adjustment discs lock into the carbon fiber to create a rock-solid backrest. When loosened, the discs allow the carbon fiber shell to rotate independently, providing 15 degrees of forward and rearward angle adjustment in distinct 5 degree increments. It is not coincidence that their carbon fiber backs share their look with Formula 1® race cars and America’s Cup boats. Our flat-weave carbon fiber composition represents the latest advancements in performance material. It allows thinner layers of carbon fiber to lay closer together to increase its strength.

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Back Height10"; 13"; 16"; 18"
Back Width14"; 16"; 18"; 20"
Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Weight5 lbs.
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