Proactive Medical Protekt Foam Cushion w/Blue Visco Gel Top

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Protekt Foam- Visco
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  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.; 400 lbs.
  • Cushion Height: 2"; 3"
  • Cushion Width: 16"; 18"; 20"
  • Cushion Depth: 16"; 18"
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SKU Protekt Foam- Visco
Cushion Height 2", 3"
Cushion Width 16"; 18"; 20"
Cushion Depth 16"; 18"
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.; 400 lbs.
Weight 2 lbs.
Your Risk of Skin Breakdown Low
Cushion Cover Type Standard

The Proactive Medical Foam Cushion with Blue Visco gel top is a SpinLife Exclusive cushion! It is available in multiple widths, depths, and even heights. The high density polyurethane foam provides a firm, supportive base. The added Visco gel top layer adds an additional level of comfort to the supportive foam base. Visco gel is known for its temperature control properties. The top layer combined with the breathable stretch cushion cover will insure your cushion will not overheat.

The Proactive Medical Foam Cushion with Blue Visco Gel Top is available in 7 standard sizes as well as 7 bariatric sizes. All sizes are available with a 3” thickness.

An easily affordable cushion for those who need a cushion for a few hours in a wheelchair or sitting on other surfaces. The soft top layer is a gel-infused Visco foam that allows for an ideal level of immersion into the surface of the cushion for comfort and stability. Proactive Medical’s Visco top helps reduce the risk of pressure sores by moving heat away from the body quicker than most standard foam cushions.


  • Pressure sensitive, ultra high density foam
  • Blue Visco gel top for comfort
  • Helps in the prevention of pressure sores
  • Breathable stretch cover
  • Security ties keep cushion in place
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