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Alternating Pressure Pad For Rent

Rent an Alternating Pressure Pad for Your Comfort

Do you suffer from bed sores, pressure ulcers, or other skin conditions? Do you have limited mobility and spend long hours in bed? Are you looking for a comfortable and affordable solution to relieve your pain and discomfort? Look no further than AAA Medical Supply in San Diego. We offer a wide range of medical equipment for rent, including alternating pressure pads that can improve your quality of life and help you heal faster.

Premium Alternating Pressure Pad System

What is an Alternating Pressure Pad?

An alternating pressure pad is a specialized mattress overlay that uses air cells to distribute pressure evenly across the body. It alternates the inflation and deflation of individual cells on a timed basis, which allows for better circulation and reduces the risk of developing pressure sores. The pad is made of durable materials such as vinyl or nylon, with reinforced seams to prevent leaks or tears.

How Does it Work?

When you lie down on an alternating pressure pad, the air cells inflate under your weight, creating a soft but supportive surface. After a set period (usually 5-10 minutes), the cells deflate while others inflate, shifting the points of contact with your body. This process repeats continuously throughout the night, ensuring that no area bears too much weight for too long. Some models also include adjustable settings for firmness, cycle time, and pressure level.

Why Rent an Alternating Pressure Pad?

Renting an alternating pressure pad has many benefits over buying one outright:

  • Lower cost: Renting saves you money upfront compared to purchasing new equipment.
  • Flexibility: You can choose how long you need the pad (days, weeks or months) without worrying about storage or maintenance.
  • Quality assurance: Our rental pads are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between uses to ensure hygiene standards.
  • Try before you buy: If you're not sure whether this type of mattress is right for you, renting gives you a chance to test it out before making a long-term investment.

Alternating Pressure Pad

About this item

  • RELIEVE JOINT PAIN AND REDUCE BED SORES – This Wave Medical alternating pressure pad mattress can help relieve painful discomfort by improving circulation, which can reduce bed sores, general aches and pains, and skin ulcers.
  • 130 INDIVIDUAL AIR POCKETS – Designed to inflate and deflate like a gentle wave our bed sore cushion uses exclusive technology and an ultra-quiet pump to continuously adjust air pressure between each chamber to relieve direct pressure against the skin.
  • AUTO ADJUSTING PRESSURE LEVELS – A smart, customizable bed sores treatment for bedridden patients or those in hospice care, our pressure mattress for bed sores supports the back, back, shoulders, and the body more effectively (up to 300 lbs.).
  • COMPATIBLE WITH HOSPITAL BEDS – Beyond medical equipment for the elderly or bed-confined APP pressure relief cushion for bed sores are compatible with in-home or hospital-grade beds ranging from twin to king size.
  • OPTIMIZED 12 MINUTE CYCLE TIME (tested for a 300 lb person) - The deflated cells will refill to the original firmness, while every other cell from that point deflates slightly. *PLEASE NOTE* Other air systems list a 6-minute cycle time. This is with no weight or person actually on the air mattress.

Who Needs an Alternating Pressure Pad?

Anyone who spends extended periods in bed is at risk of developing pressure sores, especially if they have reduced mobility or sensation. This includes:

  • Elderly people
  • Patients recovering from surgery or illness
  • People with spinal cord injuries or paralysis
  • Individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes or circulatory disorders

If you or your loved one falls into these categories, renting an alternating pressure pad can help prevent skin breakdown and promote healing.

Types of Alternating Pressure Pads

At AAA Medical Supply, we offer several types of alternating pressure pads to suit different needs:

  • Standard: These pads are durable vinyl in various sizes to fit standard hospital beds.
  • Bariatric: Designed for larger patients, these pads have extra-wide air cells and higher weight capacity.
  • Low-air-loss: These pads use a sophisticated micro-perforation system to reduce moisture buildup and maintain skin integrity.
  • Lateral rotation: These pads allow for automatic turning from side to side, which can help prevent respiratory complications and improve circulation.

Our staff can help you choose the right type and size based on your needs.

How to Rent an Alternating Pressure Pad

Renting an alternating pressure pad from AAA Medical Supply is easy. Simply call us at (858) 201 3087 to place your order, and we'll arrange same-day delivery and installation. We'll also provide instructions on how to use the pad properly and answer any questions. When you're ready to return the pad, call us, and we'll pick it up at your convenience.

Don't suffer needlessly from painful pressure sores or compromised skin health. Rent an alternating pressure pad today and experience the comfort and relief you deserve!

Alternative Pressure Mattress for rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I rent an alternating pressure pad for?

We offer flexible rental periods to suit your needs, ranging from a few days to several months. When you place your order, just let us know how long you need the pad, and we'll work with you to find the best option.

Is there a weight limit for using an alternating pressure pad?

Most pads have a weight capacity of 300-400 pounds, depending on the model. We recommend renting a specialized bariatric pad if you require a higher weight capacity or bariatric support.

Do I need any special equipment or tools to set up the pad?

Setting up an alternating pressure pad is easy and requires no special tools or skills. Our staff will provide all necessary instructions and assistance during installation.

What if I have allergies or sensitivities to certain materials?

Our rental pads are made of high-quality vinyl or nylon that is hypoallergenic and safe for most users. If you have specific concerns about material sensitivity, please let us know when placing your order so we can accommodate your needs.

APP system for rent

In Summary

Renting an alternating pressure pad from AAA Medical Supply in San Diego is an excellent choice for anyone seeking relief from painful skin conditions or prolonged bed rest. Our wide selection of models and flexible rental options make it easy and affordable to improve your quality of life and promote healing. Contact us today at (858) 201 3087 to learn more about our products and services!