22NF Sealed Gel Battery

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22NF Sealed Gel Battery
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hcpcs code K0082
Color Blue
E Code E23
Length 8.99?
Width 5.47?
Depth 9.26?
22NF Sealed Gel Battery. Some compatible products include:
  • Active Care Medical Prowler
  • Alante 202
  • Catalina Mid wheel drive power chair (2)
  • Chauffer Mobility Viva Power 645 (2)
  • Drive Medical Sunfire Gladiator, Denali (2)
  • Electric Mobility Candy Apple (2)
  • Everest & Jennings Sabre LTD, Marathon, Marathon LE, 3P, 3W, 3H, 3V, Magnum, Xcaliber, Sprint, Sprint Plus, MX, Sabre (ES, ES-GT), Xcaliber Power Recliner, MX Power Recliner, Magnum Power Recliner (2)
  • 1-800-Wheelchair Tracer Mobility Scooter
  • CTM Trecker HS-890, Compact mid wheel drive power chair (2), HS-125 (2), HS-290 (2)
  • Golden Technologies Avenger Scooter, Alante 202 and Compass Power Chair
  • Hoverround Teknique RWD, FWD, GT (2)
  • Invacare Pronto M94, Pronto M91, Heavy Duty Powerchair, At'm Motorized Take Along Wheelchair, Nutron R32, R32LX, R51, R51LX, R51LXP Motorized Wheelchair
  • Pride Mobility Maxima, Jazzy series, Jet 2, Jet 2HD, Jet 12, PHC 5, Jet 1 w/out Active Trac, Legend XL, Select 14, Select 14XL, Quantum 600, 6000Z (Group 3), Hurricane (2005 - Present), Victory XL, Boxter (2)
  • Merits Health MP1IX, MP1IU, MP3R (Gemini), MP3W, Travel-Ease Commuter (P181, P182, P183, 184), Travel-Ease Regal P301, P301, P313, P314, P31312, P31461, P31411, P31362 (2)
  • Redman Wheelchairs 107SRX, 107SR (2)
  • Shoprider Mobility Streamer 888WS, Sprinter 889-3 XL, TE889DX2-4, 889DX4-4, Sprinter Deluxe, Flagship, Sprinter Jumbo XL, Sprinter XL3 & XL4 (2)
  • Sunrise Quickie S626, G424, Aspire F10/F11, Freestyle F11, Rhythm, Groove, P220, S646, S646SE, P222SE, S525, V100, P110, P190, Z500, V121, S525, V521 (2)
  • Suntech Sterling, Scoota, Regent 3 & 4 (new series) (2)
  • Wheelchairs of Kansas BCWPRAD-Power Advantage (2)


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