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Span-America Isch-Dish Thin Cushion

Span-America Isch-Dish Thin Cushion

Ride Designs Forward Cushion

Ride Designs Forward Cushion

Span-America Isch-Dish Cushion

  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Cushion Height: 3.5"
  • Cushion Width: 15"; 16"; 18"
  • Cushion Depth: 15"; 16"; 18"
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The Span-America Isch-Dish seat cushion is the most direct seating solution for those with, or at high risk for, pressure sores at the ischium or coccyx. It promotes healthful, upright posture by controlling pelvic tilt. It also reduces "sacral sitting" that can cause breakdown.

With the unique patented, fit-to-the-user, open pocket design, pressure is eliminated at the ulcer site. The open pocket allows for ventilation of heat and moisture, an important complement to any wound treatment or for long term prevention for sores.

The pocket is available in small, medium or large sizes based upon measurements of the ischial span. This individual measurement creates an empty space at the rear of the cushion for the ischials to float, therefore eliminating pressure. The cushion itself is surrounded Durafilm, a waterproof coating.

More Information
Cushion Height3.5"
Cushion Width15"; 16"; 18"
Cushion Depth15"; 16"; 18"
Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Weight3.75 lbs.
Your Risk of Skin BreakdownHigh
Cushion Cover TypeIncontinence
Positioning PropertiesYes
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